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About the Beef

Raising wagyu beef is much more time consuming and delicate than raising regular Angus. We put a lot of love and energy into our cattle to make sure they lead a stress free life and produce the absolute best quality meat around.

Our cows come from a rich 100% pure Wagyu lineage leading back to Australia with beginning origins in Japan.We raise our cows on naturally growing wild grass then transfer them to a specific blend of grains and nutrients 6 months before processing. We do this to first and foremost keep a healthy and happy cow and secondly to create the beautiful marbling, texture, and taste you’ll immediately love.

Our cows drink from natural spring water that has been pumped since 1980 as well as a spring fed creek that exists on the farm.

Because of this process of raising we have decided to call our meat OKobe beef, to give you the assurance that you are eating the healthiest best quality beef around.

When we say healthy we aren’t kidding, check out the health section to see why OKobe beef is the healthiest beef you can buy.




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